Chalk Art, Chalk Drawings presented Live before thousands as keynote speaker, Dan Ondra, illustrates his uplifting messages
Dan Ondra

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About the Artist

Dan Ondra is permanently disabled from diabetic amyotrophy, a debilitating illness that is characterized by weakness followed by wasting of muscles with excruciating pain in the muscles. Dan is a homebound and paraplegic. He can only stand or walk short distances.

His original artworks rendered in live presentations can be seen on: Below are some of the books he has written. 

Some of his humorous and serious music is at:

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42 pages 

Chalk Art Workbook

As the cover demonstrates, students who follow this workbook, produce extraordinary fine art results, even in their first attempts!

Color reproductions show each stage of the drawing process for seven beautiful original fine art chalk renderings. The workbook's step by step Instructions, not only simplify drawing, but speed up the process reducing the required drawing time. 

Discover the unique techniques used by many artists to overcome the basic obstacles we all face. Master the basics and prevent common mistakes. There is also trouble shooting help throughout each drawing.

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Lighthouse Instruction Video

This 30 minute video clearly explains all the steps in detail of how to draw the the colorful lighthouse seascape seen in this time lapse video. If you haven't seen this popular picture online, you probably will see it or some variation on it... drawn by students who heard the same techniques in a workshop, followed the workbook or purchased this video. Students who follow this video, produce extraordinary fine art results, even in their first attempts! The step-by-step instructions, reveal unique techniques for realism, used by many artists to overcome obstacles. Master the basics and avoid common mistakes.

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Save yourself hundreds of hours and dollars, by learning from 30 years of easel experiments,

34 pages

Easel Designs

This 2013 review has close up detailed pictures of the flight easel and 2 new bed sheet easels as well as Practice, Tabletop, Portable, Bed Sheet Easels, Large Easels & Light Hoods for Live Chalk Art Presentations.

Each artist discovers new ideas for equipment. Some insist their easel design is best yet rarely are two easels exactly alike. Some merit can be found in almost every easel idea.

This book is a survey of chalk art easel ideas. Many are in use today by professional chalk artists. Some are new, fresh ideas.

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104 pages

Fine Art Painting with Chalk

Fine Art Painting With Chalk is the result of a twenty-year search for a confidence building teaching method that overcomes the fears and obstacles to effective communication through chalk art. 

Discoveries about the way we think, see, learn and draw have made developing fine-art skills faster and easier than ever before. You will be amazed at how quickly you develop your own unique style as you discover the secrets that empower successful artists. 

This enjoyable course will build confidence with practical experience. Each section is geared for both the beginner and the professional. As you conquer your fears you will confidently begin to draw realistically.

Scattered throughout the book are simple techniques to cut your drawing time. They make the chalk do the work. One stroke can be worth a thousand.

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Learn the secrets that brings artists as many as 1500 call a year for meetings.

30 pages

An Open Door

This book is the result of over 35 years of experience and observation in thousands of meetings in the largest and smallest organizations with the same results: changed lives, lasting engagement, record crowds and families added.

Discover the secrets that result in hundreds of calls for meetings each year. 30 pages

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