Dan Ondra’s early days as an artist took him to thousands of people in the US, Canada and Europe. Groups of all kinds enjoyed his live presentations where his chalk art paintings ‘came alive’ after completion. Dan’s mixed media presentations included original audio soundtracks with music and voice-over. Each painting was choreographed with several hidden pictures; revealed by ultraviolet light, computer controlled slide projectors, polarized color animation, lasers, video projection, fog, strobes and real fire.

Dan taught chalk art painting at national conferences, colleges, universities and his own hosted schools. He also privately tutored artists each week as his schedule allowed. He published the Chalk Art News and authored several books on the unique challenges of chalk art presentations including Fine Art Painting with Chalk, The Chalk Art Workbooks, The Easel and The Open Door.

Commercial Development Consultant

Before his health failed, Dan’s artwork and media development caught the attention of industries and businesses in North America. His development work included NASCAR, Disney, a US sub committee, FBI training, three phone companies, four law firms, state wide crisis support sites, Fortune 500 company, international pharmaceutical distributor, and several radio broadcasts.

About the Artist

Dan Ondra has a permanently disabling from diabetic amyotrophy, a rare debilitating illness, similar to ALS. It was thought that he would never walk again without metal braces on both legs and assistance. Home-bound and paraplegic, he struggled just to stand or to walk short distances.

Dan had spent his life encouraging others with inspirational art presented live before thousands for over 35 years. He noticed that life often imitates art, so he began work on his most difficult challenge; Art Informs Recovery. Dan believes that the disabled are sometimes ‘dis-labeled’ as hopeless cases with no chance for recovery. Embracing the challenge and the pain of recovery, Dan overcame multiple obstacles in a daily fight for the use of his legs and the return to a productive life. “Humble artists and physicians know that God created the original masterpiece and He does all the healing.”

Some of Dan’s original artworks presented in live presentations can be seen on: LearnChalkArt.com. Below are some of the art training books he and his students have written. Dan has nearly 100 original eagle artworks on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/dan.ondra